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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Review from Evelyn

I was thrilled to receive the following note Sunday from our friend Evelyn, a member of our Sunday School class.  Evelyn read both "Frontier Stories" and "A Visit to Mars" by G.V. Albertson and the note is so great:

Andy & Cathy,
Thank you so much for loaning me your great grandfather's books!  What a joy to read about the pioneering ministry of the wild west and his sharing about first hand witnessing of history of our nation!
I'm speechless about his visions of the future that he shared in the "Mars" book!  Fantastic!

Wow, thank you Evelyn!  She actually told me she had wished she could read on and on even more stories as she came to the end of "Frontier Stories".

As you might have noted, I loaned these copies to Evelyn - it is my sincere desire for many people to read and be blessed by my great grandfather's works of decades ago.  If you are reading this blog and wish to read these books, rather than buy them, it would be my pleasure to also loan them to you - I have a couple copies of each circulating around.

Have a great week!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Another Review

Here is a great review from another reader of both books....Andy

"I was privileged to be able to read Frontier Stories and A Visit to Mars.
Frontier Stories is a book that was hard to put down. A great adventure that held my attention throughout. How the author, G.V. Albertson, survived the pioneering experiences and perils of the Old West made me realize that God interceded on behalf of this man, who was determined and committed to share the Gospel message at all cost.
As for A Visit to Mars, I admit that at first I was wondering why a pastor would write a book with such a title. However, quickly it became evident that this was a fictional account with real life application. I found the book extremely compelling and challenging, as even a fictional account of true revival taking place in a society through evangelistic fervor thrills my heart. May God’s people rise up and share with “Earthlings” the true message of salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ." ~by Rev. Roy Pierce

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

REVIEW: "I Never Got Bored With It"

How about a couple reviews now that 'Frontier Stories' has been out there awhile!

Fran E. of GA from my Sunday School class told me the other day - "Andy, I am lovin' your great grandfather's book - I am sure enjoying reading it."

Wow, thanks Fran, I hope you enjoy it right to the end.

Dave S. of VA told me "I never got bored with it."  He went on to praise the concise writing style and even said "You didn't have a chance to get bored with anything."  He said he and his wife would pick out 'Frontier Stories' or 'A Visit to Mars' which they are finishing now- during their designated reading times.

Another reader Tom B. from KS wrote me an email awhile back - in describing the author - "His courage and strength as a human being, guided by faith is breathtaking.  As I read each of his exploits, I found myself wanting to walk or ride beside him to experience the events first hand.  And I would bet he would be happy with that outcome, that the reader would feel moved to walk by his side in their hearts and begin their own faith-guided journey."

Wow again!  Tom B. from KS does NOT have a religious background at all, but told me his "hobby" was reading books and ranked this one high on his list.

More reviews coming - SEND ME YOUR REVIEWS, PLEASE or write them in the COMMENTS to this or any other post - and include your thoughts on 'A Visit to Mars', my great grandfather's other (but very different) book.   


Thursday, December 21, 2017

A New Description on Amazon and eBay

A book almost of prophesy with deep spiritual undertones.  Perhaps I should have written that in a recent description for Amazon listing 'A Visit to Mars'.  Regardless, I thought the Amazon book synopsis should be freshened-up, so I composed the following.  The book is so complex, yet straight-forward in many ways.  Let me know if this new Amazon description is adequate.  thanks, Andy

“A Visit to Mars” was last published in 1902 by my great grandfather Rev. G.V. Albertson who wrote this unique and remarkable tale describing a “regenerated world” found on Mars, complete with futuristic ideas and inventions. Like the sci fi author Jules Verne, my great grandfather describes inventions decades before they appeared. It is also a truly moving Christian story that will be enjoyed by persons young and old, and can be an inspiration to us all. Only a handful of the original books exist, most of them in the hands of family members. I am now republishing this lost work keeping all the chapters intact and even retaining the incredible original cover from 1902 showing what appears to be an aircraft from today!

In the appendix I outline many futuristic inventions that the earth visitor found on Mars – items like “airboats”……helicopters……powerful telescopes that catch sound……MRI machines……..solar panels…….artificial lighting that turned “night into day”…..and even the Internet! What else would you call “vast columns of reading” flashed in dark Martian skies for all to read including beings on other planets? Even “a sermon from their greatest minister” was displayed for the entire universe to see.

 My great grandfather had an imagination unusual for his time. He envisioned a world that reconciled with God early in its history thereby benefiting its people with so many spiritual and materialistic blessings. The many spiritual nuggets tucked in these pages will thrill the Christian of today. Rev. Albertson was a frontier missionary to the “wild west” starting in 1890 and I have republished another book he wrote in 1935 describing his “life and labors” with thrilling and true stories of his pioneer adventures. In all he began over 250 Sunday Schools in the territories of Oklahoma and Kansas during a 40 year ministry. I just want to share with the world the heart of my relative because I know you will be blessed. This second book is called “Frontier Stories” and is also available on Amazon. Andrew G. Shaffer

Saturday, November 11, 2017


One of my publisher's favorite stories from Frontier Stories, and definitely one of the most heartwarming, is the chapter called, "How the Bird won the Race." This chapter is a loving tribute to the birth of my great grandfather's daughter, and my late aunt, Daisy. Daisy was born under unique circumstances, and went on to hold a very high place in the Presbyterian church, when women were still testing the limits of equal rights.

According to a 1930's newspaper article I found recently about my aunt Daisy's life and work in the Presbytery, she had a relentless passion for foreign missions. She also inspired many hundreds of women here in the US to do more for the poor around the world.

Read Daisy's story and much, much more in Frontier Stories, now available for immediate purchase!


From a Page in Frontier Stories

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Final Reviews of Republished Books

Final reviews of the soon to be republished Frontier Stories and A Visit to Mars have been done and are being sent for print proof this week! Release dates and prices are soon to be revealed, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, did you know that A Visit to Mars is verifiably one of the first print works to introduce the concept of night vision goggles, high capacity airplanes, and the MRI? Check out these great quotes about all of these current realities that were scarcely imagined in 1900 and 1902...

Night Vision
"'We also have other means of seeing at night...'
He was gone a moment and came back with a pair of queer-shaped spectacles, the glasses of which were very deep and cup shaped. He placed them over Van Garlsett’s eyes and fastened them by a narrow band that reached around his head. 'Now,' said the Martian, 'I will turn off the light again,' and he did so, but behold! his guest could see almost as well as before. It appeared as if it might be a bit cloudy, but that was the only difference."

High Capacity "Airships"
"They passed cities large and small; circling around them were flocks of airships...they passed many travelers on their way, men and women young and old. They saw some ships of such enormous size that thousands were traveling together in them."

"Inventions rapidly increased. We soon looked through the human body by the use of our instruments with as much ease as we look through transparent glass. By this we could detect at once all forms of disease."

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

If There Was Money In It - Conclusion

Below is the final portion of the subject titled "Two Minute Sermon" my great grandfather wrote during the 1930's in a Florida newspaper. He wrote many of these types of articles and his message always clearly ended on the topic of Salvation. This is why my publisher, my friends, and I are currently republishing my great grandfather's writings. We all have been fascinated by his insight, prophetic vision, and his charming writing/presentation of his messages; but, none of this compares to the spiritual astuteness by which he consistently taps into the human condition overall. Few of his writings does this better than the one referenced.

Text: “Money is the principal thing, therefore get money, and with all thy getting, get rich.” (Found nowhere in the Bible)

If there was money in learning the exact theory of Salvation according to the Bible – good pay I mean – how all would study the plan. Suppose graduation as in school. Then what if $500 could be set aside for each high school Bible graduate; and further, higher scholars ranking with 33 degree masons to receive several thousand. What a trend in education would be seen! How many other courses would get slighted! How many false cults and isms would disappear. What a shaping of mind and character would appear! The very faces of people would change unconsciously – reflecting heavenly knowledge. The big spur of course would be the sure $500 and the possible prize of several thousand. But new light, true views, unthought of glories – the really great and worthwhile things of life for which man is created would gradually take precedence. Without even knowing when, why, or where, great changes in people would appear.


If there was money in it, people would live like Christians – or try to. Suppose a monthly sum of $25 could be spared from Uncle Sam’s generous pocket for every person who painstakingly tries to follow the Gospel plan. What a difference everywhere! Of course only “born again” people could do it, but everybody would be attempting it. It would have two great effects: (1) saved people would be vastly improved (2) unsaved folks would in many cases become Christians, and would be greatly helped. How much more could be said. But any thinking person will confess that God’s way is best after all – to have spiritual – not money motives, and be faithful to the end.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

If There Was Money In It - Part 2

The below is part 2 of the "Two Minute Sermon" I shared last week. Enjoy!


Text: “Money is the principal thing, therefore get money, and with all thy getting, get rich.” (Found nowhere in the Bible)


If there was money in Bible reading how well known the book would become! Suppose $50 was given for reading it through each year, three chapters every weekday, and five on Sunday, or some other well approved plan. Children would begin long before reaching their teens even if whipped by their parents to make them do so. The money would be needed to use all along, or perhaps wise parents would have the children lay up for themselves. And think how happy the sight when the 21st birthday came near to see the roll of bills! Even the five million illiterates of our land would disappear. Everybody would learn to read to get the 50 per year. But it is not so, far from it. The Bible is not all easy reading, many are not interested, most people think they are too busy, etc., etc., but every blessing as under our first head might become theirs if they did so read – anyone can see.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Two Minute Sermons

One of the treats I was gifted recently with my great grandfather's belongings was a handful of newspaper clippings from a 1939 Florida newspaper. These clippings were of a column called "Two Minute Sermons" authored by my great grandfather. Some were so fragile that they fell apart at the touch, and some were barely readable.  But they were like reading a modern day blog! Each week he chose a different title, referenced a Bible verse, and outlined the practical and spiritual impact of the title and verse on life. Below is part of one of my favorites, and one I chose to include in our republished version of Frontier Stories.


Text: “Money is the principal thing, therefore get money, and with all thy getting, get rich.” (Found nowhere in the Bible)

If two or three dollars could be paid to each one attending church each Sunday, how full our houses of worship would be. Standing room would not be found, more churches would have to be built. No matter about weather, people would come. Cold, hot, rainy, snowey, dark – who’d care? They’d need the money. Ragged people, sick people, deaf people, cripples – some carried – awfully wicked people, tramps happening along just in time, all sorts and kinds, what throngs! Thousands of excuses would suddenly vanish, best reasons for church attendance would always be seen, please don’t forget it dear reader, the multitudes would be there if there was money in it.

And what a sight after the benediction to see Santa at the door handing out bills to happy departing people! But alas, alas, it’s not the case, so the majority stay away – how true to life! Of course there might be a new and transformed life in going: happiness, Salvation, satisfaction nowhere else known, the blessing of the beatitudes, eternal life, heaven etc., but these are things not see by the natural eye, so are passed up.
Over time, I will be sharing all of these insightful and inspiring sermons with you. I hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for part two of "If There Was Money in It" next week!!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"The Other Four Hours"

A Third Publication by Garrett Albertson
Describes How a Person Can Improve
Their Life by Reading Four Hours a Day
My great grandfather had barely a seventh grade education, but through work and study managed to pass the rigorous ordination into the Presbyterian Church. How did he do this? Well, he was largely self-taught, and attributes the greatest factor in his learning to reading for four hours a day.

One of the chapters in his book I am republishing under the name Frontier Stories, talks about how he experienced an awakening from one sentence he read as a twenty year old. That one sentence transformed his life from one of a time waster to a "time miser" as he puts it. One sentence sets his life on a course he had never considered, and had previously been unqualified for.

Reading this chapter entitled, "An Awakening" reminds me of how relevant my great grandfather's wisdom is even to today's generations. He writes, "It is one thing to lay hold of a truth; quite another to have truth lay hold of you. When this great truth burned into my heart, what a difference it made in my life! After this I lived by the clock. Each day had twenty-four hours; four of them I must secure for reading purposes. At first I read indiscriminately, then to a purpose."

My great grandfather goes on to recount how, not allowing his station or the obstacles in life to hinder him, in an era where secondary education was not expected or easily available, he pursued education and never stopped reading in order to create a life that had meaning and impact. And that is exactly what happened. Going on to achieve a great many accomplishments within the Presbyterian church, including starting more than 250 Sunday School's across the nation, my great grandfather holds the honor of being one of the founding fathers of the very first presbyterian church in Enid Oklahoma.

Be sure to read this entire chapter in Frontier Stories to find out what that sentence was that transformed his life!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"Saved by My Glasses," from Frontier Stories

I really can't wait to share some of the stories from my great grandfather's autobiographical account of the 40 or so years he spent as a Sunday School Missionary in the Wild West and preacher at the beginning of the 20th century! His book was originally titled Kingdom Stories, but I have since begun republishing it to be released under the name, Frontier Stories.

One chapter in the book is titled "Saved by my Glasses." In it, a thrilled but shaken Garrett Albertson tells of how an emotional lady recounted to him how she had, moments before welcoming him into her home, stood at her door was ready to fire her gun at him! She had initially mistaken my great grandfather for someone else. She then suddenly noticed his glasses that flashed in the sun, and realized he was not the person she thought he was!

How thrilled I was a few months ago when my "Uncle Mackey" told me he had a pair of glasses (shown) in my great grandfather's things he had retrieved after his funeral in 1952. Of course, I can't be sure THOSE were the glasses; but I decided to publish the photo next to the aforementioned chapter inquiring whether these MIGHT just be the very glasses that saved my great grandfather's life. I'll never know for sure.



Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Predictions found in 'A Visit to Mars'

Original Book Cover
of A Visit to Mars
We haven't talk much about the amazing predictions found in my great grandfather's 1902 book A Visit to Mars. One futuristic idea stands out in my mind - in addition to foretelling physical inventions like outdoor lighting "turning night into day," retractable roofs so telescopes could be placed, seat belts, and others - one that caught my attention recently was the novel concept of elevating women! Yes, before women were allowed to vote, before women's lib - the "regenerated" people on Mars greatly respected women and made sure modern inventions like the dishwasher and washing machine were invented to ease their burden. Let me just share some from the text to give you the idea:

"There was no house drudgery of any sort here for the women; no oppression by the opposite sex because of superior strength; no wearing out and breaking down long years before nature intended it;....In all respects they were man's equal and enjoyed the high place at his side for which they were designed." He further writes, "Their work, too, was simplified and reduced to a minimum and to modes of agreeable and healthful exercise."


"Van Garlsett presently found himself in a neat room that was not only a kitchen but was the place where the electrical heat and light originated. ... The dishes that were to be washed were placed in an orderly manner in one end of a long sink which led to a cupboard built in the wall. In a moment, by some process, water rose and covered and foamed about them so they could not be seen; then the water disappeared and the steam arising told him that they were being dried by heat. A moment later, by some other hidden process, they were quickly propelled to the other end of the sink and into the cupboard, the door of which opened to receive them and they were resting in their places until needed again. It was all done far quicker than it takes to write it, and Van Garlsett felt that he must see it again to get clear apprehension of it."


"Then they opened a stationary washing machine and put one of the piles of clothing into it. A lever was touched which closed the machine; there was a slight sputter within and a moment or two later the lot was done. Then the Martians spread the clothing on a broad belt which immediately began to revolve. The clothing went out of sight into a heated passage where it was so rapidly fanned by hot air as to be dried in two or three minutes. This process was repeated for each pile of clothing. ...then they ironed the clothes. They simply spread the clothing upon a belt that carried it between several sets of heated rollers; when or how any starch was applied Van Garlsett could not tell. But when the clothes issued from the last set of rollers, they were by far the finest laundered clothing he had ever seen. The smiling faces of the women to whom the labor was a pleasure and the very short time in which it was all done, perhaps twenty-five minutes, contrasted strangely with all the washdays he had seen."


If you want to get additional snippets of insights and fun facts more than once a week here, LIKE my page on Facebook at: facebook.com/AVisittoMars.



Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Introduction to this blog

My name is Andy Shaffer and this blog is all about my great grandfather, the late Rev. Garrett V. Albertson. He was a remarkable man in so many ways and left me a heritage I wish to now share. He died when I was four years old, so I don’t remember our only encounter as told to me by my parents, but just in recent months I have discovered so much more about him that I want the world to get to know him and his heart.

My great grandfather was a Sunday school missionary to our wild, western frontier – to places like Oklahoma and Kansas – back when they were just territories full of lonely trails, Indians, wild beasts, bandits. He risked life and limb for a noble cause. He wasn’t a writer by trade, but he wrote charmingly about his “life and labors” in a 1935 book called Kingdom Stories. In it he confides numerous personal accounts and experiences, many suspenseful, others humorous that not only tell of his part in spreading God’s gospel to needy rugged pioneers, but he also contributes a unique eyewitness history account of America’s western frontier.

Only a few copies of Kingdom Stories were published and few remain today, and most of those belong to aging family members. I obtained my copy from a rare book dealer on Amazon and was so delighted to see my great grandfather’s fountain pen signature and inscription on the inside front cover.

Family members told me of one other book he wrote – much earlier – around the turn of the century called A Visit to Mars – an adventurous tale of an earth traveler arriving on the red planet. And, remember, this is between 1900 and 1902 when it was written and published. Amazingly, like Jules Verne, my great Grandfather describes advanced life on Mars with so many futuristic and visionary aspects that it boggled my mind! I started composing a list of them which included airships, helicopters, solar panels, night vision goggles, huge telescopes to see other planets including earth, women’s equality (would you believe in 1902!) and yes, even the internet. Perhaps you will help me find more predictions as I share excerpts in this blog and unveil this very remarkable story. However, the real theme and purpose of the book is not about the advanced state of Mars and all of its grandeur, but rather how a society can become of such high order by simply putting God first, and evangelizing its people, thereby unleashing God’s Spirit and favor upon their civilization.

This science fiction book is even more difficult to locate today than Kingdom Stories. Both have been out of print for decades. In fact our research shows that the Peoria Public Library has the only public copy of the revised and republished edition of A Visit to Mars which is dated 1902.

Family members have told me it was Garrett’s desire to “better publish” both of these writings. In fact I found one old paper where he states one of the books “is again in form and ready to submit properly for republication as soon as conditions will allow.” But, neither book was republished from those few original copies. It just never happened and what a shame. Since I have copies of both books in original form it is now my goal to republish them both, complete with illustrations and explanations. Perhaps this blog will test if that is a wise decision and that others would benefit by reading them.

Lastly, a family member recently gave me many of my great grandfather's original papers and effects that were stored for over sixty years. I found numerous sermons published in a Florida newspaper around 1939. Could I share with you some of those great thoughts from a man who truly walked with God? Many of his messages speak to a very different era as well as to spiritual topics that have become foreign or overlooked in our current, fast paced, American culture. And yet, these are topics that are deeply relevant and helpful to the collective soul of humankind.

It is with all this in mind that I dedicate this blog to sharing the heart of my great grandfather including his many messages delivered, whether in sermon or book form. I hope and pray that each visitor to this blog will find what I and some close friends already have found: a sense of hope and vision through a wonderful plan called, Salvation.